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作者:莎娜·克拉克 2024年3月14日

虽然 ag体育正规 only accounts for four percent of total wine production in the United States, its reputation for producing fine wine is known the world over. The all-encompassing term “ag体育正规” is often used when talking about the wines, but a deep dive into the nuances of various 纳帕的AVAs从圣. 海伦娜, Calistoga, 卢瑟福, and beyond—reveal how complex the region and its terroir actually is.

赤霞珠 可能是挂在帐篷上的葡萄, 纳帕’s warm and sunny Mediterranean climate makes it an ideal place to grow a wide range of varieties. 在这里 are some of the top grapes and wines to look for in a tasting room or to enjoy at home.


该地区的主要葡萄, 赤霞珠 often shows dark red and black fruits, 烟草, 摩卡, 还有些许的香料. With its medium to full body and great structure, it’s no wonder the grape has become a signature for ag体育正规.

可供尝试的酒: 墨水年级赤霞珠,ag体育正规

图片由 墨水年级


As either a partner to Cabernet in a Bordeaux-style blend or as a varietal wine, 梅洛’s fruit-forward profile and plush texture show an added finesse in 纳帕’s terroir. Plummy and juicy but still savory, 梅洛 is a popular choice during a wine tasting experience.

可供尝试的酒: 马卡姆葡萄园,梅洛,ag体育正规

图片由 马卡姆葡萄园


虽然 赤霞珠 may be the most planted varietal in 纳帕, 馨芳葡萄酒 也许是最具历史意义的. 通常被称为美国的传统葡萄, some of the best wines come from old vines that were planted pre-Prohibition. 通常是浓郁的, 果味酒, 馨芳葡萄酒 holds special meaning for many winemakers due to its legacy.

可供尝试的酒: 鸭翼葡萄园, ag体育正规仙粉黛庄园

图片由 鸭翼葡萄园


作为纳帕的主要白葡萄品种, it’s common to find 夏敦埃酒 sitting alongside Cabernet in a tasting room. 酒making techniques vary widely in 纳帕, allowing for different expressions of this malleable grape, from lean and crisp to voluptuous and full-bodied. ag体育正规 夏敦埃酒 is probably best-known for its award-winning turn during the 1976 Judgement of Paris, 当蒙特莱纳城堡的时候

可供尝试的酒: 石头的山霞多丽,ag体育正规

图片由 石头的山


一种非常芳香的品种, 白苏维浓 from 纳帕 is distinctly different from 白苏维浓s from France or New Zealand. 在这里, it shows bright tropical fruits and an irresistible zestiness which make it a very food-friendly wine. 而 often fermented in stainless steel, it can also be aged in neutral oak barrels to add texture, as is the case with Grgich Hills’ Fumé Blanc.

可供尝试的酒: 悬崖导语, 长相思,产自ag体育正规

图片由 悬崖导语


卡本内弗朗 plays a vital role for a winery focused on blends, but an increase in vineyards of this lighter-bodied and spicy red grape shows a growing passion for varietal bottlings—even single-vineyard focused wines.

可供尝试的酒: 拉荷塔葡萄园, 卡本内弗朗, Howell Mountain, ag体育正规

图片由 拉荷塔葡萄园


Given all the bold reds that 纳帕 is famous for, it may surprise some to learn that high-end, traditional method sparkling wines are also a mainstay of the region. Book a tasting experience at estates like 葡萄园Carneros and you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking you’re in Champagne.

可供尝试的酒: 葡萄园Carneros by Taittinger, Estate Brut Cuvée, ag体育正规

bottle of 葡萄园Carneros sparkling wine
Taittinger, Estate Brut Cuvée, ag体育正规. 图片由 葡萄园Carneros


虽然 not a widely known varietal, 娇小的回来 is often used as a blending grape. However, some intrepid winemakers produce stunning single-vineyard wines, often from old vines. As a young grape it can be inky in color and dense in texture, but over time it mellows and exudes a beautiful bouquet.

可供尝试的酒: 特利酒窖, 海恩葡萄园小希拉, ag体育正规

特利酒窖, 海恩葡萄园小希拉
海恩葡萄园小希拉. 图片由 特利酒窖


虽然 黑皮诺 is most closely associated with the neighboring region of 索诺玛, the thin-skinned grape thrives in cooler pockets of 纳帕. Its fruit character is more prominent when grown in 纳帕 soils, but it still retains those lithe and savory qualities that are distinct to the varietal.

可供尝试的酒: 查尔斯·克鲁格卡内罗斯黑皮诺,ag体育正规

卡内罗斯黑皮诺,ag体育正规. 图片由 查尔斯·克鲁格


而 it’s long been accepted that French grapes thrive in ag体育正规, some estates look to other countries for inspiration. Italian grapes, in particular, are capturing the attention of winemakers. 丹Petroski, 马赛的酿酒师, cultivates white varietals like Pinot Bianco and Greco in 纳帕 and 索诺玛. Both offer fresh fruit notes and bright acidity, making for unexpected ag体育正规 showstoppers.

可供尝试的酒: Massican,双子座,ag体育正规

双子座,ag体育正规. 图片由 Massican


Almost always a supporting character in 纳帕 blends, 小大比重 still makes its presence known. A thick-skinned grape that does best in warm climates, it provides tannin and structure to many wines.

可供尝试的酒: Duckhorn,讨论,ag体育正规

讨论,ag体育正规. 图片由 Duckhorn


So, 即使你是纳帕出租车的忠实粉丝, it’s never too late to branch out and discover the other wines of ag体育正规. From inky 小大比重 to deeply layered 馨芳葡萄酒, you can’t go wrong with the quality and distinction of 纳帕’s diverse grape varieties.